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Jan 24th

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“Successful but unhappy? Busting the high-achiever’s happiness myth”

Chasing happiness

You’ve accomplished so much in your life. You’re driven. You are earning good money. You have friends and family. You SHOULD be happy – yet you’re not… So if you’re “successful” but unhappy – are you really successful?

If you feel like there’s a hole in your soul that no achievement can fix, this masterclass is for you.


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CET (Berlin time zone)


About an hour

What You'll Learn
  • Uncover the most common mindset trap that keeps you stuck in your unhappiness cycle and how to disarm it so that you can enjoy more inner peace & happiness in the present.

  • Experience how tiny shifts in your mindset allow you to live a more relaxed and fulfilled life so that you are able to wake up excited each day, create with ease & joy, connect with your loved ones on a much deeper level, and build your legacy.

About Claudia Garbutt

Claudia is a biologist turned mindset coach for ambitious, mission-driven entrepreneurs who want to ditch worry, self-doubt & overwhelm so that they can become confident CEOs and conscious creators of their dream life

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January, 24th


Visionary Entrepreneur FB Group


3pm CET (Berlin)