Are you ready to stop living your life on autopilot and start living a life by design that allows you to do more of what you love?

5 Days to Getting Your Life Back

Productivity Course For Entrepreneurs

This 5-day course teaches ambitious, mission-driven entrepreneurs simple, science-based strategies to win back 1-2h of precious time each day so that they free up time to do all the things that are important to them.

Day 1: The Root Cause of the Productivity Problem

Day 1 is all about re-assessing your current concepts of productivity and success so that you understand how your thinking has shaped your behavior and created your results so far.


Day 2: The Difference Between Being Busy and Being Productive

Day 2 is all about the difference between being busy and being productive and how to make sure you focus on the RIGHT things, before trying to become more productive. After all, there’s not much point in finding more effective and efficient ways to do the WRONG thing, right?


Day3 : Brain-Based Productivity Hacks

Day 3 is all about integrating a brain-based approach to productivity and incorporating proven, science-based productivity hacks that help you work WITH the way your brain is wired, instead of constantly working AGAINST the brain’s mechanisms, and facing an uphill battle.


Day 4: Creating Your Action Plan

Day 4 is all about taking stock and prioritizing in order to come up with an action plan that will lead straight to your big goal – without sacrificing your health, relationships, or sanity along the way.


Day 5: Anticipating & Overcoming Potential Roadblocks

Day 5 is looking at the potential roadblocks you might encounter when you’re trying to change your behavior, and implement the new strategies that you’ve learned.  It also talks about the best way to overcome these obstacles.


Claudia Garbutt


Claudia Garbutt is a molecular biologist turned mindset & high-performance coach for ambitious, mission-driven entrepreneurs who want to shatter invisible ceilings & create more inner peace, income & impact
– without sacrificing their health, relationships, or happiness along the way.


“Increasing productivity requires clarity and simplicity. This course gets right to the root of uncovering the time and energy drains that are reducing our productivity. Removing those drains frees up the time and energy we need to be more focused and productive quickly. Plus, I love how this course gets results in days instead of months!”

Stacy Raske

Soulful Success Coach for Alpha Women Leaders

Is this course right for you?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your never-ending to-do list induces a mild panic attack and you are constantly hustling…
  • You are often overwhelmed and your monkey mind makes it hard to focus…
  • You are just going through the motions and are afraid you might not reach your full potential…
  • You often find yourself procrastinating or chasing shiny objects…
  • You feel like you’re just spinning your wheels and getting nowhere…
  • You feel guilty for not spending more time with your family & friends…
  • You feel burnt-out but are too busy to take a break…
  • You know you want to make a bigger impact, you just don’t know how to start because there never seems to be enough time to finally get started or you get lost in the details and lose sight of the big picture…

This course will teach you how to:


  1. Uncover the root causes of the productivity problem so that you understand what mindset and behavior created the problem in the first place.

  3. Put first things first so that you can plan your life AROUND your priorities.

  5. Use brain-based productivity hacks to work smarter, not harder.

  7. Create your personal action plan to make sure your actions and goals are aligned.

  9. Anticipate and overcome potential roadblocks so that you’ll be more likely to create sustainable, long-lasting change.

  11. Create your optimized daily schedule so that you always know what to focus on next.

What makes this productivity course different from all the other courses out there?


  1. It’s a unique blend of self-development, mindset, neuroscience & behavioral science.

  3. It teaches fundamental, science-based principles that allow you to work smarter not harder by working WITH the way your brain is wired instead of AGAINST it.

  5. Addresses the root causes of the productivity problem instead of just trying to fix the symptoms using various time management techniques.

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