Are you an expert who is sick & tired of inconsistent sales & spending more time marketing your business than helping your clients? Do you feel like the best-kept secret in your industry despite the extraordinary results you help your clients achieve? Let’s change that!

The Podcast Solution

Go from best-kept secret to go-to expert in your industry within 6 weeks

The road map to instant authority, increased visibility & qualified leads on demand for busy high-ticket coaches & service-based entrepreneurs who are ready to grow & scale with ease & flow.


The invisible expert: You have worked hard to become the expert that you are. Now you make most of your money selling high-ticket solutions. You know that you are great at what you do and you have testimonials and client success stories galore, yet you have to spend an unreasonable amount of time to find new clients.

You are ready to really grow & scale your business. The one thing that’s holding you back though is the amount of time, money & effort you’re spending on marketing and lead generation. Maybe you are great at selling from stage or at LIVE events – but then the pandemic hit and everything got canceled. Now you’re treading water as your main source of leads and sales disappeared into thin air.

Now you (and/or your team) post regularly (daily!) on all important platforms to feed the social media monster, spend a ton of money on ads and/or do organic outreach & social selling on messenger.

Quite frankly, it’s pretty exhausting and frustrating because…

1) … you’re feeling overwhelmed and worn out by the constant hustle. 

2) … you feel like you’re not cutting through the noise and nobody sees or hears your content because the social media algorithms change all the time and you can’t keep up. 

3) … you have no control over who sees your content & platforms like FB could shut your account down from one day to the next without warning.

4)… ads are getting more and more expensive and often attract the wrong kind of people (who just want to pick your brain for free).

5) … your potential clients are busy & successful people who are hard to reach and who are sick & tired of strangers trying to sell  them stuff via messenger all day long.

As a result you feel like you can’t get your message in front of the right people anymore and you struggle with inconsistent sales.

You see your competitors post success message after success message and get annoyed because you know that your own offer is at least as good if not better than what your competition is offering – if only you could reach more people, everything would be so much easier! 

You know that if you could solve this one problem and have new warm leads come in consistently without having to chase them and spend all day marketing on social media, nothing could stop you.

You’d finally be free to do what you best: Help your clients create phenomenal results! And then your clients will be able to multiply their success and you’ll create those beautiful positive ripple effects together.

And the best thing? While you’re creating all those powerful transformations you’ll still have more free time to enjoy your success because you don’t have to work so hard to reach the right people. Basically, you could have a bigger impact AND make more money – without having to work harder. Now this is what I call a classic win-win situation: You win, your clients win, everyone wins (except for that social media monster).

If that’s you and you’d like to increase your visibility & authority and create a non-sleazy sales system that brings in new leads consistently (no ads, no big audience needed), then The Podcast Solution is for YOU!


I was exactly where you are right now...

As a coach facing those exact problems I described above, I spent thousands of dollars working with a sales coach who basically taught me to do launch after launch and reach out to 150 (!) new people a day on social media to generate new leads…

Needless to say, it was exhausting. And maybe even more importantly: It was NOT how I wanted to spend my days. I wanted to do what I’m great at – helping people achieve their goals – not chit-chatting on messenger all day long.

So I knew I needed to change my strategy.

I thought to myself: “I’m not a marketing guru, but I love people and I enjoy great conversations – maybe I could start my own podcast.”

A potential solution or a waste of time?

As soon as I had that idea – I immediately rejected it…

I was afraid that it would be just another big waste of time (Hint: It’s not IF you set up the right way!).

I hated public speaking and English is not my first language – I was afraid to make a fool of myself. Moreover, I’m a shy & introverted person – I’m basically the least likely person to start a podcast (Hint: You don’t have to be an extroverted social butterfly to be a successful podcast host. And most people don’t mind your accent, they even find it charming.).

I’m not a techy person and even thinking about figuring out all the new tech and a new platform felt overwhelming (Hint: It’s really not that bad – especially when you have someone who can guide & teach you and/or does these things for you.). 

The AHA-Moment

Then I talked to a business coach friend of mine about the potential & pitfalls of podcasts. She told me that she had recently made 4M through her brand-new podcast – without a big audience & without running ads. My mind was blown! 

So there WAS a way to make this work! And I would figure it out. 

The Authority Marketing Machine

I started to study what those successful podcasters did and how they prepared their launches. I realized that they did a few key things:

1. They launched their podcasts into the charts to gain instant authority. Just like other people launch their books to become “Amazon bestselling authors”. Being a Top10 bestselling author or being a Top10 podcast host – both position you as the go-to expert in your field and give you that instant authority status.

The advantage of being a Top10 podcast host: You don’t have to spend months (or years) writing your book… You can become a Top10 podcast host within 1-2 months. Moreover, more & more people prefer podcasts over books.

2. They created a monetization strategy around their podcasts that allowed them to make actual money from their podcasts right from the start without having to grow a big audience first.

3. They had a podcasting system that helped them stay on track, repurpose their content on other platforms, and avoid “podfade” (= giving up their podcasts after a short period of time). 


The Top10 Podcast Launch

I came up with a podcast & launch strategy that made sure I would get those key things right – and hit #9 in the German podcast charts (Entrepreneurship category) plus Top100 or Top200 (Entrepreneurship or Business category) in 6 other countries.  

And as it turns out, it’s true that you can instantly monetize your podcast and stay consistent – IF you set it up the right way.


Claudia Garbutt

Scientist & Coach

& Podcast Host

Claudia Garbutt is the host of the Top10 entrepreneurship podcast “Wired For Success Podcast”.


Potential & Pitfalls of Podcasting

Just like most businesses, most podcasts fail…

They fail because either their concept isn’t working, they don’t attract the right audience, they are not set up to be monetized, they don’t provide value, or the hosts simply don’t have systems in place that help them stay consistent.


Podcast Solution

The 2-Day Intensive Podcast Solution

Who this is for:

Busy high-ticket coaches & service-based entrepreneurs who are ready to grow & scale and who prefer Done-With-You & Done-For-You solutions over DIY solutions to save time & hassle.

Who this is for:

Busy high-ticket coaches & service-based entrepreneurs who are ready to grow & scale and who prefer Done-With-You & DIY solutions over Done-For-You solutions to save money.

Stop wasting your time & energy

The #1 thing that stops ambitious, mission-driven coaches & service-based entrepreneurs from growing their business, is unreliable & inconsistent income.


Most of them are trying to combat this problem by putting more and more content out on social media – yet the constant lead gen hustle makes them feel exhausted & drained. They spend more and more time marketing and less & less time actually helping their clients and doing the things that light them up. That’s when they are often starting to resent the business they’ve built…



It doesn’t have to be that way though! The Podcast Solution helps you get out of the constant lead gen hustle and return to your zone of genius, by building your own authority marketing platform to go from best-kept secret to go-to expert in your industry within a couple of months.