Re-wire Your Brain For Success

Leverage the power of your mind to

re-wire your brain for

sustainable success in life & business.

Because you deserve to live a life you love.

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Re-wire your Brain for Success

Leverage the power of your mind to re-wire your brain for sustainable success.

Because you deserve to live a life you love.

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Wired For Success Podcast

Within just 72h of the launch, this podcast soared into the German Top10 podcast charts in the entrepreneurship category, as well as into the Top100 or Top200 in Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and the UK.

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Listen to the Wired For Success Podcast!

On my show, I bring together the best from science, self-development & entrepreneurship to help ambitious, mission-driven entrepreneurs become confident CEOs and conscious creators of their dream lives.

Come join me for powerful episodes that help you to get to that next level of success – without sacrificing your health, relationships, or sanity!


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Mindset coach & a scientist! The host definitely brings the best of the two worlds!

This is the go-to podcast if you’re an entrepreneur or just starting out your business.

Totally recommended!

Reem Kharbat

Hi there!

I’m Claudia Garbutt,

your specialist for helping ambitious, mission-driven entrepreneurs leverage the power of their minds to get out of doubt, worry, and overwhelm so that they can become confident CEOs and conscious creators of their dream lives.


I’m Claudia Garbutt

your specialist for helping ambitious, mission-driven entrepreneurs leverage the power of their minds to get out of doubt, worry, and overwhelm so that they can become confident CEOs and conscious creators of their dream lives.


It all starts from within:

By changing your beliefs, you’ll change your expectations.

By changing your expectations, you’ll change your experiences.

By changing your experiences, you’ll change your behaviour.

And by changing your behaviour, you’ll change your results.

Let me introduce you to the most incredible tool:


The Power of your Brain

Millions of years of evolution have turned your brain into this amazing supercomputer that can process, integrate, and analyze the constant flood of information that we encounter each day.

The Problem…

There’s just one tiny problem:  The same evolutionary strategies that helped your brain evolve are now often holding you back.

Evolution made us survivors – it’s up to us to go from surviving to thriving.

To get out of fear, worry, self-doubt, & frustration and to actively create the life we want to live, we need to free ourselves from old programming that no longer serves us.

The Solution

If you are sick and tired of spinning your wheels without making progress; of feeling overwhelmed, scattered and stressed; you need to learn new strategies.

Strategies that help you relax, eliminate roadblocks, be more productive, and find creative solutions.

The Good News

You can totally turn your life around!  All it takes is mastering your mindset and daily habits.

Let me help you free your potential so you can live a life without regrets!

If you’re committed to showing up consistently & doing the work – you can’t lose!

It’s time to step into your power and create the business and life you love!

It’s time to step into your power and create the business and life you love!


When I first met Claudia, I knew my life was about to significantly improve, and what a joyful experience it’s been! In just two months, I have become aware of so many little limiting beliefs that were subconsciously holding me back from reaching my goals. She provided me with everything I needed to open my mind to my potential, reframe my experiences, and charge forward with courage and confidence in my business.

Sasha Bajjo

Certified Life Coach

Mindset is essential in any entrepreneurship, and Claudia knows how the human brain works. She helps me to understand how my brain processes information and then guides me to exercise it to build my mind to success. Claudia is a great coach!

Carole Reynaud

Coach, BIEN dans ma TÊTE , BIEN dans mon CORPS

Mid-year of 2020 I found Claudia’s WIRED FOR SUCCESS FOR ENTREPRENEURS website. 

I thought “Oh well, I’m pushing 70 but why not?” and downloaded her free brain priming recording and also booked a free 20 min Strategy Session.  

Even before the end of our session, I knew I wanted to work with Claudia.  Her presence and wisdom intrigued me.

I knew as a songwriter and singer I wanted to learn more about Facebook and other platforms to market myself.  Claudia helped me ease into this.  She also has patience and techniques to help shift mindsets, habits, and old patterns. 

It really is possible to change old ways and I began to work and experience the subtle changes mostly in my self-confidence and what I had to offer to others.   

The encouragement, support, and belief in my potential are now helping me expand my business in a new exciting direction.

I enjoy and value our sessions and see the progress I’ve made. Thank you for believing in me and motivating me through all the hurdles.  It has all been worth it!

Lois Wehrle

Music Therapist & Grief Counselor, A Mother Mending Hearts

Claudia has been a joy to work with in our Accelerator program. She consistently supports our ladies and provides invaluable trainings to help overcome those internal blocks that tend to pop up when building and scaling an online business.  

Having her expertise in our group to help rewire and work through the subconscious beliefs that many don’t know exist has been invaluable and provided breakthroughs to many in our program.

 I highly recommend Claudia to work within your programs or even with you if you are feeling held back in your business and want support moving forward and hitting your goals.

Jessica Laverde

Business Coach, Jessica Laverde Coaching

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