Join scientist and mindset & high-performance coach Claudia Garbutt and neuroscientist Dr. Mohita Shrivastava as they talk about keeping the brain & mind healthy.

In this episode, we talk about:

– Debunking common myths about the brain & mind

– Daily routines to improve cognition & mental performance

– Brain exercises & neurofeedback training

Holistic Ways to Improve Brain & Mind Health with Dr. Mohita Shrivastava | Episode 187https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/holistic-ways-to-improve-brain-mind-health-with-dr/id1523287703?i=1000661600255


Dr. MohitaShrivastava, Founder & CEO, “Cognitome LLC” is a Neuroscientist. She holds a Ph.D. degree in the field of Neurosciences from Neurosciences Centre, AIIMS, New Delhi, India & pursued part of her Ph.D research training from Kansas University Medical Centre, Kansas, USA She holds two master’s degrees one in Biomedical Sciences from Dr, BR Ambedkar Centre for Biomedical Research, University of Delhi and other in Applied Clinical Psychology from Annamalai University.

She also holds an Advanced PG Diploma in Applied Neuropsychology from University of Bristol, United Kingdom. She has also completed a refresher skill enhancement training on “FMRI in Neuroscience Research” organized by MGH Athinuola Martino’s Centre for Brain Imaging in collaboration with Harvard University, MIT, Massachusetts, Boston, USA.

She has completed her didactic training in EEG/QEEG conducted by STS Inc. United States, in the process of QEEG certification by International Quantitative EEG Board, USA. She has also completed phase 2 practicum training and also completed the necessary requirements for mentorship in EEG/QEEG from Successful Practitioner and InMindOut, San Antonio, Texas, USA. She has also completed her didactic training and phase 2 practicum training in Neurofeed back from Successful Practitioner and InMindOut, San Antonio, Texas, USA. She has been involved in Neuroscience and Neuropsychology teaching, research, therapeutics, projects & outreach, cognitive rehabilitation & executive functions training, Online talks/workshops for more than 12 years.

She has published various peer reviewed articles in internationally acclaimed journals, newspapers, & magazines. She writes a column on mental health in leading daily’s & magazines of GCC region.

As a trained and experienced neuroscientist, she believes that brain & mind health can be improved significantly by following a holistic approach along with evidence based scientific mind and brain exercises.

She, therefore, felt the need to develop a neuroscientific, holistic, structured & customized program, ‘The Cognitome Program’ to help people who are dealing with psychological, neurological, age related cognitive decline by improving cognitive functioning & their overall quality of life. Cognitome offers therapeutics/management of cognitive control & executive functions; issues of brain-mind; cognitive skills training; neuroscientific mindfulness techniques, outreach & research, awareness talks & sessions.




LinkedIn: Company Page: Cognitome LLC

Twitter: Cognitome LLC @Cognitome11


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