Join scientist and mindset & high-performance coach Claudia Garbutt investment expert and income coach Steve Selengut as they discuss smart strategies for financial freedom.

In this episode, we talk about:

– Growth in market value vs growth in working capital

– The 4 great financial risk minimizers

– Financial health habits to set you up for financial freedom


Steve has accumulated over 40 years of experience as a private investment manager, with a strong focus on increasing the spendable income generated by client portfolios. Today, his role has transitioned into that of an Income Coach, where he’s dedicated to teaching investors how to more than double the income produced by their portfolios.

He’s the creator and instructor for the unique “Working Capital Model” portfolio operating system and the “Market Cycle Investment Management” methodology, both of which he developed back in the 1970s.

Additionally, he has introduced several proprietary concepts, including the QDI + PT, Smart Cash, The Investor’s Creed, and Base Income. He has also developed the Investment Grade Value Stock (IGVSI) identification system.

Throughout his career, he has authored three books and written numerous investment articles, with his latest work being “Retirement Money Secrets: A Financial Insider’s Guide to Income Independence.”

His specialties lie in hands-on portfolio management using the MCIM methodology, portfolio restructuring, and transitioning ordinary portfolios to income-focused retirement portfolios.

Using Market Cycle Investment Management (MCIM) in portfolio preparation and design, he has been able to take advantage of all major financial market movements, in either direction, for decades.

Users of the processes described in Retirement Money Secrets can get themselves into a position to say: “Neither market corrections, global pandemics, or rising interest rates will have a negative impact on my spendable retirement income. In fact, all forms of market crisis and volatility will help me grow my income even better.”




Smart Investment Strategies for Income Independence with Steve Selengut | Episode 173

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