Join scientist and mindset & high-performance coach Claudia Garbutt and serial entrepreneur, athlete & biohacker Stefano Passarello as the talk about unleashing peak performance for entrepreneurs.

In this episode, we talk about:

– Favorite protocols for enhancing cognitive & physical performance

– The pros & cons of a plant-based diet

– Eat, move, live


Stefano Passarello is a multifaceted entrepreneur, financier, and innovation mentor based in Hong Kong, with a strong presence across Asia and Europe. With extensive experience in entrepreneurship, angel investing, finance, and athletics, Stefano has established himself as a remarkable figure in the world of business.

As the founder of People & Projects (P&P) in 2006, Stefano scaled the company to twelve offices, serving over 3000 clients. After the successful acquisition of P&P by Hawksford in 2018, Stefano ventured into a new endeavor by establishing Kapuhala, an innovative hospitality group running eco resorts, restaurants and fitness centres in Koh Samui, Sicily, and Hong Kong with a clear goal on Longevity and BioHacking.

In 2021, Stefano is back in the corporate services business and founded Monx. Within a short time the ambitious accounting firm is already expanded to offices across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. With a vision of becoming the world’s most efficient and customer-centric firm, Stefano’s entrepreneurial acumen and commitment to excellence drive Monx towards achieving its ambitious goals.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Stefano actively contributes to the business community. He founded StartIT Asia in 2017, an innovative program organized by the Italian Consulate General in Hong Kong. He held key positions such as the Treasurer and Board of Directors of the Italian Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong, as well as a mentor at multiple accelerators, supporting emerging entrepreneurs in their journeys.

Stefano is a longevity-seeker and he studies specifically fitness, nutrition, and bio-hacking. He continues to share it through Kapuhala. As an accomplished multi-sport athlete and advocate of a plant-based lifestyle, he has achieved remarkable feats, including holding the Standard Chartered Marathon record in Hong Kong and breaking the AG world record in the marathon split at the Ironman World Championship.




Is There Such a Thing as “Anti-Nutrients”? A Narrative Review of Perceived Problematic Plant Compounds:


Unleashing Peak Performance with Stefano Passarello | Episode #165

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