Join scientist and mindset & high-performance coach Claudia Garbutt and consumer neuroscientist Kai-Markus Müller for another Leaders Are Readers Wired For Success Book Club feature and author interview!

If you’ve been looking for practical insights from behavioral economics and neuroscience to outperform your competition in the professional sales process, “The invisible game” might be the book you’ve been looking for! Learn more about the book & the author on this episode. 

In this episode, we talk about:

– The visible & invisible game in sales negotiations

– Finding the “feel-good” price for your product

– What you need to know about product bundles, free + shipping, and $1 trials


Kai is a Professor of Consumer Behaviour at the Business School of Furtwangen, Germany, and the Director of Pricing Research at Neurensics, Amsterdam. 

He developed NeuroPricing, an EEG- and reaction-time-based method to determine perceived value from brain scans.

He now focuses his research on pricing and predicting consumer behavior using neuroscience, psychology, and other data-intensive sources.

 The brand-new book he has published with his co-author Gabriele Rehbock is called “The Invisible Game – The Secrets and the Science of Winning Minds and Winning Deals” and it teaches you how to apply behavioral economics and neuroscience to outperform your competition in the professional sales process.

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Winning the Invisible Game with Kai-Markus Müller: Leaders Are Readers Wired For Success Book Club | Episode 142

Gold nuggets from this episode:

How do you perform under pressure? Does pressure improve your performance or deteriorate it? Listen to the episode to find out more.

In a tricky situation, the straightforward thing to do is NOT the right thing to do.

Otherwise, it would not be a tricky situation. It would be a trivial situation.

In a trivial situation, the right thing to do is the straightforward thing to do.

Kai-Markus Müller

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