If you’re a high-ticket service-based entrepreneur, you most likely are familiar with the old lead gen problem: How do you bring in more leads on a consistent basis without hustling on social media all day long? Find out my solution to this problem in today’s short episode.

In this episode you’ll learn about:

– The Wired For Success Podcast season 2

– How to start leveraging the power of gratitude today

– The unexpected lead gen solution for high-ticket service-based entrepreneurs


Claudia Garbutt is a molecular biologist turned mindset & high-performance coach who helps ambitious, mission-driven entrepreneurs ditch the hustle, overwhelm & busywork so that they can show up as authentic & confident leaders and build their legacy.

She is also the host of the Top10 entrepreneurship podcast, the “Wired For Success Podcast” where we talk about all things science, self-development & entrepreneurship that help you get to that next level of success in your life and business with more joy and ease.

In her coaching business, she uses high-level neuroscience-based coaching to help driven high-achievers build their empires without sacrificing their health, relationships, or happiness along the way.

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Wired For Success Podcast #65: Global Top10, The Power of Gratitude & The Unexpected Lead Gen Solution for High-Ticket Service-Based Entrepreneurs

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