Join scientist and mindset & high-performance coach Claudia Garbutt and Ebay Powerseller & teacher Michelle Hougland

as they talk about entrepreneurial mindset, Ebay, YouTube, SEO, and a lot more.

In this episode we talk about: 

… The importance of taking action despite fear

… Prioritizing & staying in alignment

… Treasure-hunting, making data-driven decisions & building a successful online business


Michelle has been a successful online entrepreneur for over 16 years with multiple streams of income. Through desperation to replace her dental career income years ago, so she could stay home with her newborn, Michelle jumped into her online business with passion and no experience. She quickly learned how to succeed and thrive as an online entrepreneur. 

Out of her desire to help save others from the same pitfalls she encountered early on, Michelle authored her digital ebook: Ebay Consignment “The Easy Way” and she is the online course creator of “Starting your own Successful Ebay Business”.  

Over the years she has received awards such as Ebay Top Seller and PowerSeller. She has taught on many stages, but her favorite platforms were discovered in January 2020, when she launched her You Tube channel: Paladin Global Market and in August 2020 her podcast that followed: Paladin Global Market’s Online Business podcast.

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Wired For Success Podcast #67: Discipline, Online Marketing & Entrepreneurial Mindset with Michelle Hougland

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