If you’re a normal human being – I’m sure you have experienced these situations where you got in your own way, am I right?! Those situations when you wanted something but simultaneously felt this huge resistance inside?

Like you WANTED new clients – but actually reaching out to people and inviting them to a call with you felt like this big hurdle you just couldn’t get over?

Well, you’re certainly not alone with these experiences!! Let me tell you a little secret: Even people who look like they have it all figured out struggle with things like these at some point – for some, it’s sales conversations, for others, it might be public speaking, or hosting an event.

But the good news is: You can learn to get out of your own way! Are you ready to make your brain work FOR you instead of AGAINST you?

Then let’s talk about a simple technique to get you started: Brain-priming! 

First off all – what exactly do we mean by “Brain-Priming”?

It basically means that things you are exposed to affect your reaction to following experiences without your conscious awareness.

Now this might sound rather theoretical, but you all know this effect.

Brain-Priming Example

It’s everywhere! Let’s look at a practical example, shall we?

Let’s say you see a beautiful picture of a happy couple at a gorgeous beach and later that day, you get a coupon from a travel agency – how likely do you think you are to book your next vacation at the beach?

In contrast, had you seen a terrible picture of a big oil spill and dead animals covered in oil lying on a beach, and later that day you got a coupon from a travel agency, how likely do you think you are to book your next vacation at the beach in that scenario?

So the picture you saw earlier that day CAN influence those decisions without you even noticing.

Brain-Priming Experiment

And if you’re not convinced yet, we can do a little experiment, if you’re up for it.

Imagine you’ve just seen a documentary about a rainforest and all the small rainforest animals that live in that moist rainforest ecosystem.

And now I ask you to complete this word fragment with the first word that comes to your mind: So we’re looking for a word that ends in –OG.

What’s the first one that comes to your mind?

Well, if you are like most people, you’re more likely to complete the word with FROG rather than DOG for example.

How Does Brain-Priming Work?

So what’s happening inside your brain here? Well, the simplified version is that your brain stores information in form of neuronal activation patterns or neuronal maps.

So you have a map that represents the concept of “rainforest” and then again this map is linked to other maps representing related associations or contexts.

So when you’ve already activated one neuronal map, it’s easier and quicker to activate another one that’s already closely linked to the first one.

It’s basically a shortcut for the brain.

How Brain-Priming Influences Your Behavior

And as it’s the case with most things, this can be good OR bad for you.

This is really something to watch out for as it can affect your behavior in ways that you really don’t like or expect:

There’s a fascinating study that showed that when participants were primed with rude words, they were ruder toward the investigator in a following test than those that were primed with neutral or polite words.

So don’t underestimate these effects! They shape your life more than you might think because you’re not aware of the effects.

On the plus side, now that you know about the power of priming, you can use it for good!

For example to start your day inspired, relaxed & positive!

How to Use Brain-Priming to Start Your Day Inspired, Relaxed & Positive

Remember how you start your day sets the tone for the rest of the day.

For me, changing how I started my day changed EVERYTHING! I don’t know if you can relate, but I used to wake up already feeling crushed and discouraged by my never-ending to-do list.

This did NOT set a good tone for the day…

It made me feel irritable, stresses & overwhelmed.

Now that brain priming is part of my new and improved morning routine, I really look forward to starting my day and making an impact. This has not only been very motivating but also helped a lot with overcoming self-sabotaging behavior like procrastination.

You know that you don’t procrastinate because you’re lazy, right?! You procrastinate because you’re stressed and overwhelmed and it’s your brain’s way of saying “I need a break!!”.

So once you decrease that stress and overwhelm, your procrastination problem will improve too!

That’s why I’m so excited about the new freebie I created for you!!

I really think this can be a game-changer for you and help you not only start your day inspired and energized, but also to stay focused and relaxed throughout the day. 

Making Brain-Priming Work For You

Here’s a word of warning though: It doesn’t work unless YOU DO the work. This isn’t magic. It’s applied neuroscience. So you still gotta DO something…

But lucky for you, in this case it’s not even hard!

All you have to do to get the most benefit from this is to listen to the audio file first thing each morning when your mind is still fresh and your brain is in that half-awake brain state where it’s easier to give it suggestions.

So listen to the audio file before you even get out of bed.

And when you’re listening to it, pay attention! That’s the whole point of the priming exercise! We want to focus your attention and activate those parts of your brain.

So if you’re going through your to-do list for the day whilst listening to the file, you won’t get all the benefits because you don’t pay close attention. Makes sense?

I know we are all busy so I’ve condensed this into an audio file that’s just over 4min long – so no excuses! Everyone can fit this into their morning routine!

I know this is something that I’ve personally found super helpful so I can’t wait to hear about your experiences!! So get your free brain-priming audio file now and let me know how you go!

FREE Brain-Priming Audio For Entrepreneurs

What could you achieve if you started your day more relaxed, energized & focused?

If you wanna find out, I've got just the right gift for you...

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