Join scientist and mindset & high-performance coach Claudia Garbutt and biohacker and Integrative Health expert Garnet Dupuis as they talk about how to keep the mind & brain healthy.

In this episode, we talk about:

– Psycho-active agents & brain plasticity

– Drug-free micro-dosing using light & sound

– Consciousness & altered states


Garnet Dupuis is a highly dedicated and accomplished professional in the field of Integrative and Complementary Wellness. With a career spanning over several decades, Garnet has been actively involved in the exploration of light, sound, and consciousness since 1970, during his academic years in Canada, coinciding with the emergence of the Human Potential Movement. Currently, he holds significant leadership positions as the Co-Founder and CoCEO of Brain Prime Technology, based in Singapore, and as the Chief Creative Officer and CoFounder of Lucid Studios, headquartered in Thailand.

Lucid Studios specializes in the development of cutting-edge Neuro Reality devices, known as NeuroVizr™ instruments, which are specifically designed to stimulate and facilitate positive neuroplastic changes within the brain.

Garnet’s personal philosophy is deeply rooted in viewing life as a profound spiritual journey encompassing compassion and awakening. He currently resides in a picturesque mountain rainforest located in eastern Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he actively devotes his time and resources to wildlife rescue and conservation efforts. His notable contributions include funding, constructing, and managing a Long-Life Gibbon Sanctuary dedicated to rehabilitating injured and orphaned gibbons in Southeast Asia.

In terms of education, Garnet possesses a diverse and comprehensive academic background.

He has obtained degrees and pursued graduate training in various disciplines such as Classical and Clinical Homeopathy, Oriental Medicine, Radionics, Massage Therapy and Bodywork, Hydrotherapy, Remedial Exercise, Biofeedback, Psychology, and EnglishLiterature. Garnet has also showcased his expertise through presenting lectures and professional presentations in multiple countries, including Bulgaria, Hungary, Japan, Thailand, and the United States.

Furthermore, he has been a sought-after speaker at numerous events and has been featured in globally recognized podcasts. His contribution and influence are reflected in the dedicated Biohackers Magazine, which highlights his work and he serves as an associated writer for Biohacker Magazine. Notably, Garnet is currently authoring a forthcoming book titled “Lucid Brain,” further demonstrating his commitment to sharing his extensive knowledge and insights with a wider audience.



Unlocking Your Mind’s Potential: A Journey into Altered States of Consciousness with Garnet Dupuis | Episode #167

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