Have you’ve been dreaming about running a marathon or doing something else that’s big & daunting and WAY out of your comfort zone? Join me today as I share a few insights & lessons that can get you out of procrastination mode and into action mode.

In this episode you’ll learn about:

– Lessons from my first (almost unfinished) marathon

– The pain prediction error that’s making you give up too early

– The over-preparation trap


Claudia Garbutt is a molecular biologist turned mindset and high-performance coach for ambitious, mission-driven entrepreneurs who want to shatter invisible ceilings & create more inner peace, income & impact – without sacrificing their health, relationships, or happiness along the way.

She is passionate about empowering other entrepreneurs so that they can ditch worry, self-doubt & overwhelm and become confident CEOs and conscious creators of their dream lives.

To do that, she teaches entrepreneurs the fundamental mechanisms at the intersection of physiology and psychology that drive human behavior & wellbeing so that they can work WITH their brain & body instead of AGAINST them to stay happy, healthy & productive, and achieve their goals with more ease & joy.

Claudia is German, a wife, mom of 2 kids and 2 cats, a runner, environmentalist, a cancer survivor, and a Top10 entrepreneurship podcast host.

Wired For Success Podcast Episode #58: Lessons from my first (almost unfinished) marathon


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