I really hear you on this one! I know what it’s like to feel crushed under a massive to-do list. How it feels to be overwhelmed by all the tasks and chores that need to get done. To run around like a headless chicken or to procrastinate because you dread getting started…


 The secret to shifting your perceived lack of time

Today, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret that will hopefully help you shift that experience.

It’s funny, but the experiences of the past months have somehow helped me shift my own mindset about having not enough time to do ALL THE THINGS.


How much can you fit into your life?

I seriously can’t remember the last time I felt bored in my life. The last years have been pretty full-on. I’ve moved from one end of the world to the other.

Not only that, but I did it 5-months pregnant and with a toddler. We’ve started renovating the house we live in 6 weeks before our daughter was born and with our 1-year old running around in the chaos.


So I know a thing or two about being busy. Then things got a little better when the kids started to go to kindergarten and I had the mornings to focus on my work. It still felt like my days were chocker full though.

Then Corona happened. Which meant I was back to working from home with 2 little ones running around in the background. I have the kids, the cats, the house, and the garden to take care of. I have my business.

And then we bought that old house that we are renovating right now. So all of a sudden I had to find an additional 20h a week to work on that new house.  And you know what – I did!


That’s the weird thing about time. If you need to fit more things into your life, time seems to expand and you somehow manage to do more.


Time expands, but what about your energy?

Have you experienced something similar? Can you think of a time in your life where you had to fit more things into your day and you somehow, magically managed to do everything even though it seemed impossible?

I guess the main lesson I’ve learned through my own experiences is that productivity and the ability to get everything done is just as much about time management as it is about managing your own energy level.

Here is the thing: We often THINK we don’t have enough TIME – when we actually mean we don’t have enough ENERGY to get it all done. 

Just think about it. Could that be true for you?

Would you really get more done if you had more time? Or do you need to find a way to manage your energy level to get more done?  

If you don’t manage your time efficiently – nothing gets done and you’re not productive.

If you don’t manage your own energy levels – you’ll burn out before you know it.


So the secret key is to ACTIVELY manage both: your time AND your energy.

If you feel full of energy and you’re super motivated because you’re working on something you are passionate about – work doesn’t FEEL like work, right?

It doesn’t feel exhausting. You don’t get tired so quickly. You get things done. You don’t have to fight inner resistance.

You’re experiencing flow.

That’s the ideal scenario! If you manage your time AND your energy efficiently, you’ll get more things done without feeling stressed and burned out.


So let me ask you this: What are you currently doing to manage your time & energy? Do you have effective systems and strategies in place?

I used to think that I don’t have time to do the things that recharge my battery – but that’s a recipe for disaster. You need to take this just as seriously as you take time management.

So don’t forget to plan some fun activities! As Jim Rohn said: “Happiness is not something you postpone for the future, it’s something you DESIGN for the present.”


I hope this helped you become aware of what’s might be REALLY going on when you feel that you don’t have enough time to get everything done!


If you would like my help to map out and implement our own systems to manage your time & energy levels efficiently, just use the link below to book a free 20min strategy session and we’ll outline your tailored roadmap for achieving your goals.

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