We all know these situations: There’s something on your to-do list that needs to get done – yet every time you even think about it, you feel this immense inner resistance.

You’re dragging your feet… You’re procrastinating… Cleaning the house never seemed more appealing… And shouldn’t you check your emails for the 100th time this morning in case you got a life-changing email? 

The longer you wait, the worse it gets. Because not only does this one thing stay on your to-do list – you start to become increasingly annoyed with yourself and keep thinking: “Why is this so HARD??”

First off – let me say this: If that’s what you’re experiencing, it’s NOT your fault. It does NOT mean you are lazy or weak.

It simply means that your subconscious programming is not in line with your conscious goals.

That’s exactly WHY you stay stuck right where you are because you have these subconscious blocks that prevent you from taking the action you know you should be taking.

That’s the big gap between KNOWING and IMPLEMENTING that stops people from making progress and that’s exactly what I help my clients with.

In contrast to what you might have been hearing: Knowledge is NOT power. It’s POTENTIAL power.

As long as you don’t IMPLEMENT your knowledge, it won’t turn the needle for you.

It’s like watching sports and wondering why the hell your fitness doesn’t improve.

Well, it doesn’t improve because you don’t take the action, you just watch from the sidelines! Action is what leads to the results.

So back to the problem at hand: When you KNOW what you should be doing it means that your CONSCIOUS mind knows what to do.

But when your SUBCONSCIOUS mind is not on board with that mission, you experience those blocks.

Just to make that very clear: Your subconscious mind doesn’t try to hurt you here.

Quite the contrary – it’s your subconscious mind’s task to keep you safe and out of danger.

So if whatever you’re consciously wanting to do is somehow perceived as a threat by your subconscious mind, it won’t let you do it.

It also checks your intended actions against your values, attitudes, and core beliefs and if they are not aligned, it will try to stop you from taking those actions.

The problem is that you cannot reason with your subconscious mind. Logic won’t convince it.

And willpower alone usually won’t get you far either.

You can think of your subconscious mind as a set of computer programs – now neither willpower nor reasoning will change that program, right?

You have to re-program it.

Now you might be saying “But I do my affirmation and I visualize what I want and it’s not working!”.

Yes, because those things are great, but there’s an effective and an ineffective way of doing them.

Again, the difference is similar to the effect of exercising or WATCHING sports on TV – no amount of watching sports on the telly is going to improve your fitness level.

You have to get past your conscious mind and into your subconscious mind to change your internal programming to eliminate those blocks.

Yes, this is doable! In fact, you’ve done it before. You weren’t BORN with your inner programs. You acquired them when you were a child.

Let me tell you about one of my subconscious blocks that I had to re-program: I grew up with a dad who would often come home stressed and in a bad mood and take it out on us kids.

So I learned that it was best not to be seen or heard when he was around. And this became a programmed coping mechanism.

So as a consequence, things that required me to be seen and heard, like speaking up for myself, giving a presentation, interviews, showing up to do a FB live, these kinds of things were absolutely TERRIFYING for me.

Seriously, I spent 5 days trying to record the first 5min video for my website. I felt so terrible that I ugly cried several times.

It was so bad. And in the end it felt like I had no energy left for anything else and I needed to re-charge for a couple of days.

I know it sounds silly, right?!

And of course I consciously knew that my life wasn’t in danger in these situations, but it sure felt that way.

Because my subconscious was still holding onto that old belief that being visible equals danger.

Now the thing is that we often aren’t aware of those subconscious beliefs – because DUH, they are subconscious.

So if you need help figuring out what’s blocking you from taking action, just reach out to me!

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Now I’m curious: What’s the ONE thing you know you should be doing but just can’t get yourself to do? 

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